US Gov’t stripping of protocol visa is lack of respect for Ghanaian leaders

In relation to the controversial directive by the US government to strip all protocol visa allocation to Ghanaian government officials which includes former presidents and MPs on non-official visits, has been described by the Member of Parliament for the Keta Constituency Hon. Richard Quashigah as an obvious lack of respect for Ghanaian leaders which demands an immediate retraction.

“US government must retract decision to strip former Presidents off privileges accorded them, it is lack of respect in the highest order for Ghanaian leaders and must be retracted, because we can’t imagine US Former Presidents visiting Ghana and needed a visa, we will ask them to queue for it”. Hon. Quashigah has said.

This decision was made known when the US Ambassador to Ghana, Robert Jackson met the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament to convey and highlight some of the latest directives of President Donald Trump’s administration.

The recent directive of the US government states that, all former Presidents including Former President John Agyekum Kuffour,, Former President Jerry John Rawlings and the immediate past president John Dramani Mahama will have to book an appointment or join a queue like other Ghanaians seeking a visa to visit the United States.

This unfortunate directive has raised lots of concerns where expressing worry on the matter,  the Keta MP who is also a Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament has called for a retraction of the decision to include these diplomats who have served the country as Presidents.

Speaking with, Hon. Quashigah described this move by the US government as degrading to the sovereignty of Ghana and calls for a close collaboration between US government and Ghana, rather than stripping Former Presidents off their due privileges.

“I’m not much worried for the Members of Parliament, but to include our Former Presidents, for me I find that insulting to us as a nation. Because these are former Presidents and they obviously know some courtesies not just Nationally but Internationally”

“I will not imagine Ghanaians giving their Former presidents the same treatment if they are to visit the country.
Ghanaians will never disrespect them like that, even when he lands at the airport, he will be accorded the needed privileges and respect as a former President of a sovereign State”.

“And so it’s very insulting for the Ambassador of the United States of America to meet the Parliamentary Select Committee of Foreign Affairs and tell them that, even our former Presidents if they want to go on private visit, should come and queue for visa” Hon. Quashigah lamented.

Reiterating that, this directive is obviously a true indication of how the leadership of the United States of America look at us, as a country and he believes it’s an unfair move.

“This idea of the Donald Trump’s presidency and policies, I think, does not sit well within the diplomatic circles of committee of nations. It’s most unfortunate and I hope the Foreign Affairs Minister will have some good conversation with the ambassador and will be looking forward for a retraction and apology by the American Ambassador in Ghana on behalf of his government, on this unwarranted and disrespectful decision to strip our Former Presidents off the needed dignity accorded them” He added.

Story: Blessing Roselyn Boateng


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