Make Women Empowerment an utmost Priority-Zabrama Chief Appeals To Gov’t

The President of Ghana Zabrama Association, a Veteran Journalist who is also the Greater Accra Zabrama Chief and a philanthropist, Alhaji Pro Umar Tanko has appealed to government to consider the empowerment of women as its top most priority in the development agenda of the country.

He said, empowering women is equally as empowering the community, adding that no community or family could be better off, if women were not empowered.

He urged the government to ensure the welfare of the girl child and women through various empowerment programs such as sewing, fashiohn design, hair-dressing, telephony and in the hospitality industries.

Alhaji Pro-Umar Tanko made this appeal in an exclusive interview with the media in Accra, revealing that, for a country to move forward, there was the need to create productive avenues for women.

This he said, would directly and indirectly build a stronger economy for the country.

Many women mostly in the rural and urban areas, he said have fallen victims of disrespect, and are often despised, empoverished, misused and abused.

More often than not, these poor and helpless women become and end up single mothers who becomes a burden on the society.

Due to lack of empowerment of women in the country, most young ladies risk traveling to the Middle East to seek for greener pastures which resulted in all forms of abuse, with sexual abuse in the lead.

According to him, that cannot be prevented without good policies on girl child and the ultimate empowerment of women with employable skills.

Alhaji Pro-Tanko further appealed to the government to support individuals and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are into women and girl child empowerment in the country to help motivate others to join the chain in assisting women in various skill training.

According to him, the time has come for the society, stakeholders and government to come to the aid of these less empowered women and assist them with loans of lower or no interests and among other means of wealth creation.

He advised the government to apply the policy of Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) which would enable government to support women financially to build their own businesses and transfer it back as empowerment, adding that, government would directly retrieve it’s investment and also capture them within the National Tax Net.

Story by: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha


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