Nyinahin Youth grants fishes a befitting burial

Three found dead Fishes, have been buried like human being at Nyinahin in the Atwima Mponua District of the Ashanti region.

The three (3) fishes were removed dead from river Nyinahin Amaano, when the youth in the community embarked on clean up exercise on its banks to clean filths that had clogged its way .

The fishes were buried with a white piece of cloth after rituals have been performed by the youth in the town.

Though, the Leader of the youth, Mr. Kofi Owusu aka Juve said, they are not mandated to perform the rituals and burry them, but those responsible are not performing the necessary rituals as customs and traditions demand, which has resulted in all the calamities in the town.

He recalled that, three dead bodies were retrieved from uncompleted building last two weeks and there were no rituals  performed before taking away the corpse, because of the laziness and unconcerned attitude of their leaders especially their chief Nana Amapene Boateng.

Fish from river Nyinahin Amaano according to history, residents and non residents are banned from catching and eating either dead or alive due to traditional believes that, the river and its fishes were used to built and stabilized the Nyinahin community, and, for that matter, the soul of the community.

“History on the river suggest that, when ever a fish from the river dies, a life will be lost.

This means that, the town is sitting on a time bomb to burry a resident very soon, if the necessary rituals are not being performed since three fishes have been just buried”, the youth leader, Mr Kofi Owusu added.

Fish in river Nyinahin is believed to be a powerful problem solver for many traditional believers.

The only ritual to be performed by a believer who has problems to be solved by the river is to sprinkle a loaf of bread into the river which at a blink of an eye, thousand of fishes in the river will come out and eat; and for that matter, the person will have his or her problem solved.

Many people, across Ghana and the world as whole who have problems used to come to the town to perform the rituals and had their problems solved.

The leader of the youth group, Mr Kofi Owusu accused the Chief of Nyinahin, Nana Amampene Boateng of not performing the necessary rituals in the town hence the ordeal.

He then appealed to the Asantehene Otumfour Osei Tutu II, to come to their aid by given them somebody who will performed such rituals when necessary.

Story by: Isaac Asiedu


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