Malls must sell more Ghanaian products-Nana Addo

President Nana Akufo-Addo wants the newly launched Kumasi City Mall to be much more than a hub only for the sale of imported products.

According to him, “it would be truly commendable if by the end of the first year of its operation, at least 20% of the goods that are sold here should be of Ghanaian origin, and the percentages increase as Ghanaian industrial production rapidly expands.”

Speaking at the official launch of the Kumasi City Mall on Wednesday, President Akufo-Addo bemoaned the fact that Ghana continued to be a retailer of cheap imported goods.

“I know very well that, in some of our malls and supermarkets across the country, carrots sold for example, are imported from Holland.

Some of the dressed chickens on sale have also come from Brazil. Indeed, the items originating from Ghana and from our local entrepreneurs constitute barely a paltry 5% of goods on sale.”

He noted however that, all over the world, new enterprises, such as the Kumasi City Mall, have spawned the creation of jobs and investments, and triggered increased local spending.

“Supermarkets and many shopping malls in several parts of the world, particularly in the advanced economies, have become magnets for production.

It is my hope that the Kumasi City Mall will not only be a place for the sale of imported goods, but also Ghanaian goods,” he added.

Thus, President Akufo-Addo encouraged supermarkets to increase the proportion of Ghanaian goods sold at the shop, by getting more local farmers and entrepreneurs to produce for them.

“We want Kumasi to be a place of work again, not just a place where people come for funerals.

We want to bring jobs back to this city, and restore Kumasi to its position, once again of being The Garden City. The support government gives to the private sector is intended to translate into greater economic activities of our entrepreneurs, producers and farmers. Kumasi City Mall should bear witness of this increased activity.”


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