Be mindful of reduction sales on festive seasons- GSA cautioned Ghanaians

The Ashanti Regional Head of the Ghana Standard Authority, Mr. Samuel Kofi Frimpong has caitioned Ghanaians on their involvement in numerous reduction sale of products which many term as “Promotion” as it emerges during festive seasons like this, saying these cheap product might have reached it expiration period and has a huge effects on consumers.

As many Ghanaians normally buy and sell goods of quality, Affordability, Quantity and inferiority products during festive periods, there is a likelihood of patronizing such concocted items.

He also underlined the need of fear in the mass purchase of goods during these periods, according to him, this periods are time marketers take advantages of large demand and therefore sell products which may have not met the quality standard or may have been exceeded their expiry durations.

The Regional Head assured the public of a good check on foreign products before they enter the Ghanaian market, but also signalled a strong warning to consumers to do a thorough checks on local product such as food, canned items and even sachet waters as well, for they may have been expired already in their various stored houses and due to this, its consumption will have a great harmful effect on consumers health.

He also pleaded to various producers and sellers not to use the Easter festival as an advantage to release products which may cause harm to consumers’ health because any human life is so precious.

“I wish the public a memorable pending Easter, with my team we want to assure the public of a good job by checking wholly on products which may enter the Ghanaian market and I therefore also caution consumers and buyers to be vigilant in purchasing products and also report any found good(s) in the market which has been expired or do not meet the quality standard for the market.

Finally he impelled people who cannot read nor write, to cross check dates on the product labels to determine its expiry date.

By: Odehyeaba Kwame Asare


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