Ashanti regional NPP communicators suspend media activities

According to a statment issued on Tuesday 28, the members of the Ashanti Regional Communication Team which includes radio and television communicators, as well as Serial callers and Social media communicators, have officially suspend all Radio and television activities with immediate effect.

The statement which explains it reason for the swift and hasty decision to bring all programs to a halt, also states when the team intends to go back into their various designation to continue with activities.


Read statement below.



We, members of the Ashanti Regional Communication Team which includes the radio/TV communicators, Serial callers and Social media communicators, writes to officially suspend our services on Radio/TV with immediate effect.

This decision has been necessitated by the gross disrespect and disregard of our contributions and sacrifices for the party by the party leadership, both National and Regional, including our regional communication leadership headed by Dr. Kwesi Kyei and our secretary, Moro Kabore.

It has been nearly four(4) months now since power was won and we have absolutely no indication of the fate of our members who have undoubtedly worked hard for our victory.

One would have thought that, a wing as crucial as the communication wing which has an onerous responsibility of projecting and defending the plans and programmes of the government would have by now have a sense of direction as regards to appointments and job opportunities but sadly, we are yet to even be met by our leadership for any assurances.

Through the grace of our president, H. E Nana Akufo-Addo, the region has undoubtedly received it’s fair share of appointments largely due to the agitation of some of our senior colleagues in the communication team but who also failed miserably to make a case for their members (communicators) whom they directly supervised. How pathetic.

So far none of our members has been appointed to any position not even the members of our leadership let alone we the common members of the team even though we have the right competencies and skills to be spokespersons, press secretaries, government appointees, etc.

Again, we have been so disdainfully treated that Macho men and vigilante groups are more important and are well taken care of than the communication team members.

It is also instructive to note that, some of our colleagues in other regions, especially those in the Accra Region, have found themselves working at the seat of government, the flagstaff House, some have found themselves in the national security and other state institutions but we, the Ashanti communicators, have been left to our fate.

Following the defeat of our party in 2008 and 2012 elections, the Communication Director of the party, Nana Akomeah, met us and encouraged us to continue working for the party, but sadly, three (3) months after our electoral victory, we are yet to even set an eye on him. We feel betrayed and used by him and the party.

We refuse to suffer the unfortunate fate of the NDC communicators who were either deliberately or unconsciously left to starve whiles other appointees feed fat when they were in government . We won’t allow that to happen.

The lackadaisical attitude of our communication leadership in the region has left us with no faith in them to fight for our cause and their resignation will be a better option for a more competent team to steer the activities of the directorate.

As a result, this action of us will continue unabated, until party leadership, both at the National and Regional level, and elders of the party which includes but not limited to the Acting General Secretary, the Acting National Chairman, Regional Chairman, and the Regional Minister meet us for discussion on the way forward for our members.

It should be noted, however, that this release is a collective decision of all members of the team who have in one way or the other shown concern about the plight of communicators in the region and as such any official communicator who goes against this directive should consider him/herself a saboteur and would be seen as working against the welfare of all communicators in the region. Thank you.


The President, Flagstaff House, Accra
National Headquarters, NPP, Accra
Regional Comm. Dir (NPP)
National Comm. Dir (NPP)
Regional Secretary, Kumasi
The Regional Chairman, Kumasi
The Regional Minister, Kumasi
The Information Minister, Accra
Regional Council of Elders, Kumasi
All media houses


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