Development of Ghana is our collective responsibility – Dr. Henry Lartey

The flag bearer of Great Consolidated People Party, Dr Henry Lartey has called on Ghanaians to move away from the position of always looking up to government and contribute their quota to the development of Ghana.


Sharing is views on Ghana’s 60th Independence Anniversary in an interview with this reporter, the Chairman and Flag-bearer of GCPP, was of the view that looking back at the past 60 years, there are more positives than negatives for us to focus on as a people and develop.

He intimated that until we focus on our gains and build this nation together, we will always be blaming a group of people without focussing on what we can achieve if we come together and contribute our quota to developing Ghana.

“Governance is a shared responsibility and the earlier we as citizens and politicians look at Ghana as the bigger picture against our parochial interest a political parties, the better it will be for all of us.

He said that the culture of solely looking up to the government of the day to solve problems should be addressed so that we approach the development of the nation from the position of patriots.

“What is hurting us as a people is that we do politics without taking a break to focus on developing our nation.
“Until we realise that there is time for politics and a time for coming together to build our nation, we will keep on with the blame game and forget that we didn’t play our own role the way we should for our collective gain”, he added.

GCPP has since its’ formation by the Late Dr Dan Lartey been preaching domestication and the need to focus on farming to feed ourselves and exporting excesses.

In view of this, Mr Henry Lartey lauded President Nana Akufo Addo for his decision to make Ghana a hub of food because aside the fact that it falls perfectly in line with the policy and ideological position of GCPP he says “it is the only way the country can develop”.

According to him, if Ghanaians had bought into The GCPP Domestication message, we wouldn’t be making the never-ending comparisons we make with countries like Malaysia, China and what have you.

He was however quick to add that “Ghana has the potential to catch-up with those countries and even surpass them if we focus on cutting down on import by producing for ourselves and building an export driven economy”.

Dr Henry Herbert Lartey is the son of the Late Dr. Dan Lartey, he is a champion for the economic improvement of Ghana, a successful businessman and an inspired Pan-Africanist with a vision and hope for a United Africa

By: Isaac Kyei Andoh
Exclusively Newslinegh

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