Kofi Anokye Prays for Ghana’s President

Call it prayer, caution or awareness creation, Ghana’s Real Estate Developer, Kofi Anokye of Koans Estate Fame has posted a heart-warming prayer for Ghana’s President Nana Akufo Addo on his Facebook Page: @kanokyegh

The Real Estate Developer who was honoured by the World Business Assembly in the Golden European Award in 2015 has over the years carved a niche for himself as an innovationist and out of the box thinker who always seeks to provide solutions to major problems that has eluded state actors and technocrat alike.

He is credited with many ground breaking innovations in the Real Estate Sphere.

In a prayer posted on his Facebook Page @kanokyegh, he appeared sincerely concern for President Akufo Addo and the decisions he will make now that he has the power.

He limited his prayer to three main points.

He prayed that God should grant the President the wisdom to recognise competence over ingratiation in his assignment of roles; that he doesn’t over rely on foreigners in the execution of his promises and finally, he asked for divine wisdom and courage for our new leader.

Is the post informed by the failings of the previous government? Is it a smart warning to the new government or just a prayer from a concerned Ghanaian?

However one looks at it, the new government has no choice than pay attention to the issues he raise because they are central to his success or failure
Perhaps, this should be every Ghanaian’s prayer for our new president who will definitely shout Amen should he get to read it.

Read it for yourself.

My solemn prayer for His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo , the president of Ghana- Kofi Anokye

“I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ whom I serve that God grants our new president the following qualities to lead us successfully and make Ghana better for all and sundry”.

This is my prayer:
1. That he doesn’t sacrifice competence for ingratiation.
It is only true that promises made during the campaign were enormous in view of the time frame and the resources currently at our disposal as a nation. Hence I pray that Nana should be led to go for competency rather than ingratiation to bring the much needed success. Personally in my own small way, I have had experience with some of these politicians who are praising the President in anticipation of appointment. Such people, more than the opposition remain the number one hurdle the President will need to overcome if he is to succeed and take us to the promise-land that inspired countless Ghanaians to vote for him.I can say on authority that many are wolves in the sheep cloth. They are more desperate and hungry to grab any position that will give them the opportunity to steal, cheat and destroy than anything one can think of. I therefore pray that God grant the president an eagle eye and insight to see beyond the praise and not just settle for those hailing him Nana ooo, Nana ooo all in search of an opportunity to steal rather than to give; to destroy rather than to build; to be served rather to serve.To lead with humility instead of becoming lords over us and above all, deliver in place of giving excuses. 

2. That he doesn’t over rely on foreigners in the execution of his promises:
Oh God I pray that you will grant our president the courage and wisdom to look mostly within the people you have given to lead to achieve most of his campaign promises so that in the end Ghanaians will be the ultimate beneficiaries of his stewardship and not foreigners.. It is only true however that certain projects will definitely require importation of expertise from elsewhere, it only our prayer that those that can be done by Ghanaians should not be shipped to foreigners.
Given the platform, the Ghanaian is a good as any group of people in this world. I pray that God should grant our leader the confidence in the people he has been appointed to lead and make us active participant in developing this nation

3. That God, grant him Wisdom and the courage to lead us.
My final oh God is that you should grant Nana the WISDOM and the COURAGE to lead to a successful end.
It is quite obvious that most of the promises that he made during the campaign will require him to overlook and turn down some pressure from highly influencial people of this land and abroad if they can be realised. I know from my experience that it has never been easy trying to balance these pressure against public interest and that is where I pray you oh God to give him such wisdom backed by boldness to take the right decision. The case of the ex-president’s request for the house he stayed inn was a typical example of what I mean.
Setting up an independent prosecutor to deal with corrupt practices of the past government is easier said than done and will end up being a mirage without godly wisdom and boldness. It takes the Grace of God to succeed in the battle against any form of social injustice and succeed.
This is why this prayer means so much to me. That people who served this nation diligently should escape unjust sentences and those who stole a dime of the poor man’s TAX should pay for it in accordance with the law.
Ghana as a country to me is like a group of families leaving in one big compound house. Everybody knows someone on the compound yard and therefore can easily approach the other for intervention on his or her behalf when the need be. This is the reason for my prayer for boldness and wisdom from God almighty in times like this. This is the time to make corruption unattractive and it will require wisdom. Corruption of the past, present and future remain a threat to our stability as a nation.
If it is not fought now, Ghanaians will begin to lose trust in politics and I cannot imagine the worse if that happens. This is why I pray that God should grant Nana the wisdom to fight this cancer
The rule of law should be the guiding principle of the government and nothing more
Thank you oh Lord, you are our prayer answering God and that you have answered us long before we conceived the idea of praying. I am thankful that you have heard me in the name of My Lord Jesus Christ.

Isaac Kyei Andoh


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