Obama’s Exit, Trump’s Opportunity

I can’t believe eight years can come so quick and Barack Obama has to exit the White House.

Sometimes it looks like good times will never come to an end. Life indeed is in phases.

Barack Obama now needs a new challenge in life after eight years occupying the biggest position on earth.

On the other hand, Trump has being handed the biggest opportunity in life to make a difference in this world.

From today, all eyes are on Donald Trump. He has been handed a mantle to leave a legacy in the history of America.

What he has to understand is that he will predominantly be recognised as the 45th President of the United States and not as much as a business person, so what he does in this era will be credited to America and not his personality.

So he has a duty to influence America and the world positively.

He has an opportunity to start a new chapter of his life on a new page.

That is he can create a new future to amend the negative footprints in the past. It’s just a decision he has to make personally.

Hence, today marks the transition of a new era in the life of Obama and Trump, as well as the governance of America and the world at large.

This signifies that in life no condition is permanent. Everything that has a beginning surely has an end.

Hence creating a mindset that makes your challenges to hold a permanent position in your subconscious mind can be one of the worse decisions you can ever make in life.

Israelmore Ayivor puts it this way ” Life on this planet on its own is temporal. So tell me why you think your problems are permanent.

No condition is permanent”.
Therefore it might be your turn today, but tomorrow will be another person’s turn.

That is why you have to make the most out of any opportunity handed to you in life no matter how trivial it is. What you have to understand is that it can be worse.

So gratitude is the fundamental principle of accepting any opportunity offered to move to the next level of your life.

Therefore as Obama is exiting the White House door, Trump is entering. Life then it’s about times and seasons. When it’s your time, no one can stop you.

However, when it’s not yet your turn, the journey can be stressful, discouraging and demanding. During this season, you are more prone to give up. I call it the sowing and the hard work season.

That is the period between sowing and harvesting is the most difficult in pursuit of your dreams.

However, when you reach the harvesting season, the power of attraction causes many people to believe in your ideologies leading to investing in it.

Hence I can say Donald Trump is in his harvesting season.

But to sustain the continual harvesting of his labour and succeeding is another story that will be judged after four years.

Hence what you do whilst it hasn’t reached your turn is very critical to succeeding in this complex and sophisticated world that we live in.

In the other words, ”what you do whilst there are no opportunities is your foundation to success or failure in life”.

Focus is therefore the key to succeeding in this life.

The Secret to focusing on your dreams is to touch it every single day of your life.

Focus, therefore, breeds consistency and consistency overrides failure leading to breaking grounds for success.

This is the only way of managing your distractions and focusing on your dreams at the same time.

Obama and Trump are two different personalities and their chances of becoming a president were slim but they have succeeded against all odds. You can also do the same.

It’s not about what people say about you, your background or the stereotype placed on your life, but it’s about what you believe in and what you can do to the best of your ability.

Rise above the mediocrity thinking of your critics and pursue your dreams as if they don’t exist.

Success is for all but not all of us will be successful. Hence only those that fight for what they believe in will experience success.
I will conclude by saying, kudos to Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. He has fought a good fight and I wish him well.

Also congratulations to Barack Obama for a good job done.

May this new chapter in your life continue to influence the world positively?
”Remember the greatest opportunity in life can reach your turn if only YOU DON’T GIVE UP”

It’s always possible if only you believe.
God bless America, God bless the world.


Oscar Bimpong
Multi Award Winner I Author | Transformational Speaker I Corporate Trainer I Business Consultant.
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