I decided to stay off writing articles in the run-up to the elections because I didn’t want to fall to the temptation of going political or be seen as pursuing the agenda of one party.

Over the years, I have come to the realization that it is close to impossible to take the position of the truth without being tagged by our politicians

In Ghana, objectivity is defined as criticising the government of the day and balancing it with criticism of the opposition. If you don’t try hard to make reference to a former wrong of the other side to buttress your argument against the ruling government, you will be given a party ID without delay.

I was called an NDC man when NPP was in power and today I am referred to as an NPP businessman because I try to be on the back of government to not only call them to order but offer solution to problems that have become the nation’s Achilles’ heel.

I can however assure you my readers of one thing: I will continue to be on the back of government for the right reasons, offer suggestions for our collective benefits and do so in truth regardless of which party is in power. The solution to the problems bothering us does not only lie with persons voted into office, we must all contribute in our own small ways.

Today, I am talking about honesty in leadership under the title:“leadership of lies and propaganda; it’s ripple effect”.

After seventeen years of my dedicated life in leadership, I have come to learn that lies will always do more harm than good to the success of leadership. Although there is a saying in law that “no one has the right to the truth that injures the other.” A leader must make a conscious effort to appeal to his followers as one who stands by the truth at all times

This quote therefore does not apply holistically to leadership and followers relationships and more so when the leader will be held accountable to the followers from time to time.

The most difficult thing in any leadership position is regaining lost trust of subordinates when your lies begin to get exposed. You lose your ability to inspire your followers and ability to make them go the extra mile for you when they come to the realisation that you lied or have been lying to them.

The TRUST that binds a leader and his followers is compromised when his lies are exposed- credibility goes with

This article was inspired by the way the NDC handled their impending defeat prior to President Mahama conceding to Nana Addo

For hours this nation was plunged into confusion and anxiety due to the NDC press conference which encouraged their followers to take to the streets in their white cloth if they so wish and celebrate because from their collation of the pink sheet at their disposal, President Mahama was in a comfortable lead

I was amazed as to how people can tell blatant lies when evidently every realistic or right thinking member of society knew the truth even if half of it

That moment of dishonesty opened my eyes to the deceit and lies yet to be uncovered that has been told us by the people we gave the mandate to run this country

This is the frustration that gave birth to this article

In politics, lies and propaganda may work well in opposition but when the mantle of leadership is placed in the hands of the liar. It is possible to lie your way to power but virtually impossible to get people to believe your lies when you are placed in the position attained with lies all the time.

Any attempt to run a government with the same strategy of propaganda and lies will turn negatively and automatically against your integrity and will start destroying the leadership at a very faster rate than anyone can imagine. A typical example is what we see today in the President Mahama’s led administration.

A simple truth in simple matters could have given this industrious and young vibrant leader a second term but no!! Lies today which could be uncovered early tomorrow morning were being told for no particular reasons!!! This piece seeks to tell all who matter and who may find themselves in such position of leaderships to learn to tell the people the simple truth.

Another important lesson to learn from this is the fact that tomorrow is never too far from today in leadership. Hence the yentieobia syndrome should never be part of the leadership-follower’s relationship: especially when the leadership’s action and inaction will be subject to test by the follower’s tomorrow morning as it is.

As a businessman with employees under me, any worker of mine who proves to be dishonest will have his job on the line. Interestingly, when you come into politics, the more lies you tell the more you defend the indefensible, the greater your chances of being promoted or receiving an appointment. There is nothing more infuriating than being told blatant lies right in the presence of the truth.

The kind of leadership that shuts the door at people with diverging views is a major contributor to our dying sense of patriotism. It is so frustrating trying to help this nation develop with your ideas when you are not within the political circles or the government of the day

We will always fall short so long as we limit ourselves to the ideas of those voted into office.

It all start by being truthful and humbling yourself to suggestions and ideas from people that purport to solve the problems you are being confronted with even if you don’t agree with them on certain things.

You don’t lie to people that you are fixing a problem when clearly you have no clue as to how to go about it. You can fool the people most of the times but cannot fool the all the time

Lies and propaganda will get you into office but reality will always take you back to opposition

I hope Nana Addo and the NPP will take heed and give us leadership based on the truth by the truth and nothing else.

Kofi Anokye

CEO of Koans Estate


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