Police, Media in bed with Forces to provide security for elections

Security agencies of Ghana especially the Ghana Armed Forces together with Ghana Police service has acknowledged the importance of the media in a country as major stakeholders in safeguarding the sanctity of the democratic process, and are therefore in bed to produce total Security for December polls.

“The security agencies and the press are major stakeholders in this endeavor considering the roles we both play in safeguarding the sanctity of the democratic process, which provides the reason for us to interact and discuss the best way to support Ghana at this significant moment”. Chief of Defense Staff, Air Marshal M.Samson-Oje observed.

According to him, it is not for nothing that the media is referred to as the Fourth Estate of the realm, because Media has become a Political and Institutional force whose influence cannot be underestimated.

He said, though this influence has been magnified by technological advances which have revolutionized the media landscape, the power of the media still drives from the reliance of the citizenry on it for information as well as its function as a feedback loop for government.


From the right is, Mr. Affail Monnie, Air Marshal Samson-Oje & IGP John Kudalor


This beautiful alliance was formed during an interaction with a section of media practitioners at a press soiree organized by the Ghana Armed Forces, last Friday at the Air force mess in Accra.

The media is therefore a double edged sword which if professionally employed, could serve as a tool for the advancement of democracy but if not properly managed and controlled, could as well spell doom of the democratic process.

“Africa cannot easily forget the role that the media played in the conflict that brought genocide to Rwanda and civil war to other African countries”. Air Marshal Samson-Oje cited.

Reiterating that, the Armed Forces and security agencies on other hand have the monopoly over the use of force in this nation and have the capacity and capability to apply varying degree of force in any situation to ensure peace and security.

“I wish to take the opportunity to appeal to the media to let us jointly employ all the means at our disposal to ensure peaceful, free and fair elections”. He noted.

He therefore ensured Ghanaians that the Armed Forces will abide by all the ethical codes and principles that govern its noble profession in the persecution of their assigned tasks and roles regarding the upcoming elections.

“We intend to play our role without prejudice, fear or favor. We remain committed to our oath to defend the territorial integrity of the nation”.

“We will like to call on the media to give the people of Ghana timely and fair reportage and also to block out anyone who uses foul or insightful language or any form of hate speech to ensure a peaceful elections and together, we can keep this country intact for our children and generations yet unborn”. The Chief of Defense Staff emphasized.


Some officials from the Ghana Armed Forces, including the Navy and the Air force, as well as officials from the Police Service were also there to grace the union.

On his part, Chief of Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces Major General S.K Adeti also sounded a caution note to all individuals, groups and party faithful who intend to cause any kind of confusion during the election period. “We in the Military are ready and prepared together with the Civil Police and other sister security services to deal with ruthlessly with any such persons or groups who tries to violate the laws of election”.

He also appealed to all the young and energetic youth, not to allow themselves to be deceived and be used for any violent acts, because unlike how individuals who violates the laws and temper with peace and security are punished, the punishment this time will be severe to reckon with, though it wasn’t specified.

Any unlawful act will be met with force that it deserves and the laws of the land will be applied as appropriate, because nobody or no organization is bigger than the nation. He added.

By: Blessing Roselyn Boateng


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