The Plights of a Soldier; the more reason for Peaceful elections

They act as watchdogs of a nation, work tirelessly without complains. They sacrifice their lives for our tomorrow and generations to come, yet we seem not to appreciate their existence. They are thrown into the hands of some revolts each day, all in the name of peacekeeping and many are those that perish through this mission.

Who are we talking about, if not that soldier who work his ass-off for your safety and ends  up as sacrificial lamb of a nation.

Though they are strong at heart, sometimes domineering and fearful, but hey, they are all humans like us and have got some plights too.

Behind that great and strong personality of a military man, is this vulnerable and humane person who also pray for the success and peace of his country, and that’s the more reason why Ghana has to assist them in maintaining the peace we enjoy to ensure 2016 elections is done successfully.

This is what Newslinegh came across on a wall of a Military man, as it reads;

“We Lie in the Bush while you lie on your Beds….
“We sleep beside our Guns whiles you sleep beside your Wives..
“You sleep in your house whiles we sleep in Hemas….
“You wear Nice caps whiles we wear Heavy Helmets…
“You wear Designers vests while we wear Iron vest….
“In the Morning you are awaken by sweet Alarm tones Whiles We were Woken up by Horrowful sounds of Bombs and Grenade……
“You move around Town in Range Rovers and Latest cars But we move in Armoured Tanks and Buffallos….
“We stay awake just for you to sleep,,,,
we kill for you to Live,,,,,
“We stand side by side with death itself so that the future of your Generation can be Assured ,,,,,,,
“We sacrifice our today for your Tomorrow….
“We Are strong at Heart ,Great in Action,Committed to our course ,and Loyal to our Nation we fight relentlessly to win yet we continue to fight to conquer insurgency and Terrorism,,,,,
“Just pray for us….All we ask of you is to let us have a Peaceful election

We want to sleep besides our wives too
We want to lie in our beds too

Violence wont elect a leader for this country
Lets be tolerant
Lets work together for a peaceful election

Lets choose our words carefully..So that we too can be with our loved ones..
Thank u as u obey….
God bless Ghana Army
God bless Ghana


Exclusively Newslinegh

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