We the members of the above mentioned group wish to once again report the rampaging attacks of NDC thugs on members of the opposition NPP in the Suhum Constituency.

Just yesterday, the 8th of November, 2016 between the hours of 4:00pm and 6:00pm, NDC thugs led by the notorious and unrepentant Sammy Bankye attacked NPP members at Nankese, a village in the Suhum Constituency.

This unprovoked attack led to several injuries and destruction of property. The people who were injured included Asana, Richard Ofosu and Ampem Darko,the NPP Constituency Youth organizer.

The restaurant of Asana, a sister of the NPP Constituency Youth Organizer was completely ransacked and destroyed by this notorious thugs of the NDC.

The issue has been once again reported to the police and those injured have been issued with medical forms to seek medication.

We appeal to the peace council and the clergy to call Hon. Julius Debrah, the Chief of Staff of Ghana and Hon. Margaret Ansei, the Suhum MCE to order to cease these unprovoked attacks.

The actions, inactions and utterances of these two leaders of the state are what is fuelling these attacks in the Constituency. We strongly believe that when these two people behave responsibly, these needless attacks will come to a halt.

We are also calling on the Eastern Regional Police Commander to as a matter of urgency arrest Sammy Bankye, Kwame Kyei, Baba Musa and Chairman who have been leading these attacks.

We are convinced that when these leaders of the thugs are arrested and brought to book, it will serve as a deterrent for others.

We are now calling on the Regional Police Commander because the Suhum Municipal Police Commander has proven beyond doubt that he has what it takes to fight these animalistic thugs.

We are by this release calling on all NPP members and the peace loving people of Suhum to protect themselves and resist these thugs of the NDC while we wait for our mandated state institutions to rise up to the challenge.

We totally condemn these attacks and send a strong message to those behind it that violence has no place in democratic governance.

The defeat of Hillary Clinton in the US should be a strong signal to the Suhum NDC that no group of people can cling on to power forever and that ultimate power resides or emanates from the people.

The people of Suhum will never vote to endorse violence come December 7th. The people of Suhum are peace-loving and will never allow anarchism to take centre stage in the Constituency.
Say NO to violence
Vote NDC out
Thank you.
Ayensu Stephen – 0243328965
(Suhum NPP Communications officer)

Ernest Lartey – 0243067422
(Suhum NPP Constituency Secretary)

Daniel Osei – 0200361828

Albert Opare – 0247125101

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