Ghana Must maintain the Conventional status quo just like US

A release for reflections

There is a already established convention for transfer of power in both Us and Ghana in the past and that status quo must be maintained.

This historical phenomenon which has become part of our democratic discourse is admired by the two coutries should not and must not be changed.

Processes leading to Us election, political pundits, pastors, ordinary people across the globe point to the fact that the convention was going to change due to growing popularity of Hilary ahead of polls.

But to our dismay, Republican of Donald Trump had consolidated the tradition with a one touch victory which means tradition is tradition. Therefore Ghana is going to religiously uphold to that conventional practice.

We have instances ahead of crucial polls where Npp and Nana Addo had been likened to Republican and Donald Trump reinforcing the ideological and conventional commonality between the two.

For example:
Npp is playing Donald Trump politics- vice presidential candidate of NDC

Npp activities are akin to Republicans of us – general mosquito

Fellow Ghanaians, I belief these comments were made out of the fact that, they (NDC), were sure of Hilary’s victory.

In the same vain, ndc are sure of jm’s victory but because tradition cannot be changed overnight to favour jm, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo will win in tandem with that tradition.

I am however confident that Akuffo Addo’s victory will be easier than Donald Trump because Jm has absolutely no credibility in the eyes of Ghanaians and the cry for change is widespread in Ghana.

When Obama won in 2008, NDC chanted and quickly called for change in conformity with history in ghana and why must that trend change?

Even though Americans who were perceived to be breaking the convention this year had consolidated it and Ghana must do same.

I want to end by urging Ghanaians to respectfully uphold the norm and vote massively for Akuffo Addo number 5 and our parliamentary candidates 5 on the ballot on 7th of December 2026 to restore hope and dignity in Ghana

Thank you.

Mamoa Elijah, member of Npp offinso north, Akumadan

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