Ghana’s young professionals suffer a deficiency in communications skills

From tech to fashion, communication skills and tools are essentials for every kind of business. After two successful Creative Writing workshops in this year’s Gird Writing Camp, CEO of Gird Center, Nana Nyarko Boateng, has said, Ghanaian young professionals are teeming with bright ideas and innovation; yet, there is a real struggle in communicating these ideas in a language that gets tangible business results.

Ms Boateng, added, “Whether you are introducing your business to a new client or you are applying for a start-up grant, business professionals at all levels want their written communication to be effective.

However, generating concise content that captures and retains your reader’s attention in emails, letters, memos, reports, proposals and business plans can be quite challenging; because, who is teaching our young professionals how to avoid damaging business communication blunders?”

As Gird Writing Camp 2016 launches into the Business Writing Workshop this Saturday November 5, the focus will be on helping participants cultivate the requisite language for writing within corporate settings.

Workshop facilitators, Samuel Ameyaw Ntiamoah, Wealth Manager at Cal Bank, and Kate Addo, acting Director of the Public Affairs Department at Ghana’s Parliament and Communication Specialist will teach techniques that will help professionals improve the impact of their writing on clients, superiors, and coworkers.

Mr. Ntiamoah has said, “Even the brightest business ideas can get dimmed by the wrong words or inappropriate tone. We are supporting Gird Center to teach business writing because we want the ideas and innovation of young Ghanaian professionals and entrepreneurs to be presented clearly and persuasively to achieve desired results.”

Ms Boateng in expressing hope for this generation of business leaders said, “Effective written communication can be taught. Gird Writing Camp is expanding professional skills and supporting our young creative and business leaders to project credibility and professionalism one workshop at a time.”

To be a part of this exciting writing training program, interested persons may send their names and email address to 020-664-6652 or info@ Alternatively, you can register online.

Source: Gird Center




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