Security Implication of Prophecies and Bad Dreams – Ahead of Election 2016

When you make a political statement out of a prophecy as a individual or a public figure, there is no doubt in my mind that you should be responsible or held responsible for what you say . Be it good or bad.

Therefore leaders of clans, tribes, religious bodies or state institution who make political statements must be responsible for what they say and note that there are no immunities in our dispensation for them thus the laws of Ghana will prevail.

The focus of this article is to appreciate the security implications of spiritual predictions ahead of election 2016.

Before I delve into this ,I’d like to hypotetically asked the question :

So what happens when the spiritual prediction from a man of God is not what it is ? What happens if it’s inaccurate? What if the party you predicted to be the victor does not win?

Not only do you throw your credibility out of the window, but you plunge your followers into confusion where a needless platform of suspicion for authority arises and violence could be born.

Suspicion for authority because they believe in the leader’s spiritual interpretation so much that nothing comes before it. So then when the prophecy does not manifest, interestingly, something must be wrong with NOT the spiritual leader but the body tasked to oversea to the election ie EC. How absurd.

The violence aspect of it happens when the suspicion is elevated to unfounded ‘truth’ and there is a clash between the believers of the prophecy who at this point have lost the election, and those the prophecy went against but have won.

This will then culminate into a series of things including disrespect for the rule of law, weaken institutions and fundamentally people will take the law into their own hands.

All these just because they believed a a dream/prophecy which came from their spiritual leader .

The difficulty with these prophecies/predictions are that they can’t be. Yet we give them huge publicity thereby affecting our lives and state of mind.

I’m at a loss as to what is wrong with passing these prophecies directly on to the specific beneficiary or organization? Why a media stunt or public announcement ?

By this move, you erase or nullify all forms of tension that has the tendency to firm the basis of insecurity

Sometimes the element of ‘popularity contest ‘ pops in my mind. Every dreamer wants to be heard and every small prophecy must be made big.

In educating ourselves , church and community leaders must appreciate that they are drivers of good conduct, mentorship, social cohesion, and more importantly peace and security.

But we cannot leave the work of building a peaceful environment on the laps of church leaders alone as it is proving that some can be dangerous.

The legislature , the media, NCCE , NMC and CSOs may have to have a sustained educational program to educate society of the ripple effect of the actions of various leaders at different levels.

Distinguishing security implications of the action of different leaders (ministers, pastors, MCE, DCE, Assembly man or woman , Parliamentarians, fetish priest, opinion leaders etc etc) at different levels is needed to bring much clarity to citizens rather than a continuously generalistic proposal.

This should be an eye opener and a tool for citizens to have an independent thought of theirs.

When we strengthen individuals to have the capacity to rise above mediocrity, it will forever be a tool that will entrench the security we need before ,during and after elections.

Nana Owusu Sekyere
Security Analyst


Exclusively Newslinegh


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