Mahama Installs water project at Kpando

President  John Dramani Mahama on Monday inaugurated a water treatment plant in Kpando in the Volta Region.

The 6,720 cubic meter per day facility is expected to improve access to potable water in the Kpando Municipality.


Funded by the World Bank and Nordic Development Fund, the project saw the rehabilitation and expansion of the water treatment plant in Kpando Todzi.


The water supply system is expected to serve a projected population of about 42,000 people by 2025.


The beneficiary communities include kpando, Sovie, Anfoega, Nkonya, Aveme, Gbefi, Dzigbe and other surrounding communities.


Addressing chiefs and people of Kpando as part of his four-day tour of the region, the President said the project would go a long way to alleviate the challenges the people face in accessing safe drinking water.

He said the project valued at a cost of US$12,729,5  started in February 2011 and was completed in February this year.


It has its intake from the Volta lake at Kpando Tokor.

The President who reiterated his commitment to improving the lives of the people in the region said the Volta region has the largest coverage in terms of supply of safe drinking water.


“Just this morning when I arrived I went straight to the water station; I supposed to be here in February to commission the new Kpando water project. The water project Kpando had before was based on underground water systems and so we had drilled six boreholes and we had put mechanized pumps in the boreholes. And we used to pump the water into an overhead tank and share it to Kpando and surrounding areas.”


“That system used to produce only 130,000 gallons of water a day. And so the NDC government realized that this water was not enough for Kpando and its surrounding areas. So we decided to build a new water system and expand the existing water system. So instead of using underground water which was restricted we decided to do a pipe all the way from Chorkor to draw water from the Volta Lake and treat it and distribute it to Kpando and its surrounding areas. That is what a caring government does. And we have completed that system,” he added.


He also used the opportunity to debunk assertions by critics that the Volta region is not benefiting from government projects.


The paramount chief of Gbefi Togbui Akom VIII on behalf of the people thanked the President for the gesture.




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