Dr. Hakeem Wemah, Chairman of NDF

The Northern Development Forum (NDF) over the week rendered a developmental status reports on the three Northern Regions which clearly states that, Northern Region is lacking behind in terms of education and therefore call on government to come to their aid in rectifying the educational differences.

Addressing the issue on the fallen standard of education in the Northern sector, the Chairman of the Northern Development Forum, Dr. Hakeem Wemah outlined some of the factors that has accounted for this wide gap between the Northern and the Southern sector of Ghana in terms of education.

Many factors account for this situation; He said there was a deliberate colonial government policy for the northern territories from 1907 to 1951.

“The area of quality education in the North still has some challenges as we are often struggling for the last three positions from the bottom compared to the other regions of Ghana, according to the regional league table in terms of performance the three regions of the north always come 8th, 9th or 10th for the past ten years out of the ten regions”. He emphasized.

According to Dr. Wemah, in 2013, many citizens’ groups or their representatives, and lately the Northern Development Forum, raised serious concerns about the inability of second cycle schools in the three regions of Northern Ghana to begin the academic year on schedule due to late disbursement of their feeding grants.

It has been a serious scare and threat to our region and we are therefore calling for a sustainable and permanent solution to this perennial problem. He stated.

He reiterated the situation is still as critical as ever before and it spans the whole spectrum of education, from early-learning to tertiary, while’s properly equipped technical and vocational education and polytechnics are particularly crucial for generating the skills relevant for employment, and Government should not lose sight of the need to bridge this wide gap in education between the Northern and the Southern sector of Ghana.

The Northern Development Forum (NDF) which was formed on September 30, 2007 following floods that hit the three Northern Regions and caused enormous havoc to lives and property, called for a meeting to galvanize support of people from the three Northern Regions with the view to finding a lasting solution to the yearly floods in some parts of the country.

img_20160929_102739_019 Culminating from this meeting it became imperative for Northerners to come together and push forward a Northern Development Agenda that would stand the test of time. He disclosed.

NDF was also formed on the values and ideals of being Non-Partisan, Non-Ethnic and Non-Religious with an objective to serve as an advocacy group for promoting the Development of the three Regions of Northern Ghana.

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