download-39We are finding it extremely difficult to understand the Mahama led NDC government as to why telling lies has become their second nature and their main tool to govern this country.

The Mahama led NDC government has neglected and rejected Atiwa in terms of development.
The Atiwa District particularly the Atiwa West constituency has benefited absolutely nothing from the stewardship of John Mahama. However, they have resorted to lies telling Ghanaians that a lot is going on.

On 25th March 2016 when President Mahama was delivering his last State of the Nation’s Address, he lied to the entire Ghanaians that his government has constructed the main Atiwa road. Thus the road leading from Anyinam (Atiwa East) to Kwabeng (District Capital) to Abomosu (Atiwa West) to Asuom (Kwabibirem).
This statement was a complete lie from the President himself.
The said constructed road still has it boreholes and manholes developing their banks to form lakes.

To our greatest shock, we have come across a list of 123 communities said to have benefited from the Mahama promised 200 Day SHS and Abomosu is listed at number 67.
This list was produced by Samuel Okujato Ablakwa – deputy minister of education to butter their claims that the “200 Day SHS” which Mahama promised to build in 4 years is on course.

The Atiwa Youth Association wishes to state emphatically that there is no truth in the claim made at list 67 that Abomosu in the Atiwa District is among the communities where the Day SHS construction is either completed or ongoing.

The DCE and his entourage wasted the precious time of the community and national resources to gather the chief and his elders to cut a sod for the construction of the said “school”. Almost two years now, not even a pick axe has touched the ground.
The site has become a forest reserve for rearing wild animals. Snakes, scorpions and other dangerous animals have taken over the site. The site which was cleared by Communal Labour is now bushy as the Achimota Forest.

We (Atiwa Youth Association and members of Abomosu township) don’t know whether President Mahama and his propagandists are constructing the structure elsewhere which they may use magical powers to move the structure to the site.

Perhaps, President Mahama needs to be short to realize that he is being deceived by his Ministers, MCEs and DCEs because short people can easily see the ground than giant Mahama and Amissah-Arthur.

We want real development not lies.

Nana Ofori Kissi Ratina

Karim Amoako
Press&Information Assistant


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