GFA Boss expresses gratitude to all after FIFA Council election victory

Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi

Newly elected FIFA Council member Kwesi Nyantakyi has expressed appreciation to all and sundry who supported him to achieve his latest feat.

He expressed gratitude to the football fraternity and Ghanaians in general for their support and prayers.

Nyantakyi was one of two elected by CAF on the new body after polling 31 votes to finish second behind Almamy Kabele Camara of Guinea of had 37 votes.

“I thank the people of Ghana for the support they have showed me. I have received a lot of support from so many people from all walks of life; some of them I don’t even know,” he said at a ceremony in Accra on Friday.

“I feel humbled by the wonderful reception accorded me since I arrived from Cairo. It shows the love my folks and countrymen have for one of their own in times like this and I really appreciate this great show of support.

arriveThe Ghana FA president added: “Football commands wide following, it is so huge and it has so many effects on our lives. It brings us together as a people.

“The support for me cut across political, social and religious. The country came together to offer me their support and prayers and I am so grateful to all.

“My election is not only for Kwesi Nyantakyi, it is an election for Ghana. It is an honour, which brings Ghana to light.”


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