download-33jerry-osei-poku The Eastern Regional Youth Wing of the New Patriotic Party would like to bring to the notice of all concerned peace bodies and the general Ghanaian public that the NDC in the Eastern Region led by the Regional Minister and their executives have chosen the path of intimidation and abuse of power in their quest to usurp victory in the up coming elections.

The NPP Eastern Regional Youth wing further wishes to reiterate our resolve to resist every attempt by the NDC and their collaborators to intimidate members of the New Patriotic Party before, during and after the December 7, 2016 elections.

Frank Ayim Owusu, the NPP Youth Organizer for Abirem Constituency, was on Wednesday 14th September 2016, callously arrested and detained overnight by the Abirem Police over frivolous allegations of insulting the DCE of Abirem and Mavis Frimpong, Eastern Regional Minister.

We are at a loss at the level of desperation exhibited by the Eastern Regional Minister and NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Abirem.

download-35We find it incomprehensible that Madam Mavis…, who has been a District Chief Executive for three (3) years, Deputy Eastern Regional Minister for two (2) years and is currently the Eastern Regional Minister for over a year, and therefore with all the resources under her control, has failed to bring development to the people of Abirem. Yet she believes that she can bring development to Abirem with meager resources as a Member of Parliament?

It is very unfortunate, that political actors within the ruling government tend to use the state coercive force at their disposal to intimidate and maltreat their political opponents instead of using them for the good of the people.

We wish to urge the Ghana Police Service to remain neutral and professional in carrying out their duties this political season to avoid being used as pawns by government appointees.

The tactics of intimidaton is a strategy of the NDC implemented by most NDC Parliamentary Candidates who are also government appointees across the country particularly in the Eastern Region.

These recent occurrence explain why the NDC deliberately sacked most of their Municipal and District Chief Executives who lost their Parliamentary primaries and replaced them with their Parliamentary Candidates ostensibly to automatically make them control the District, and Municipal Election Security Task Force who will in turn supervise the elections security.

We demand that all NDC Parliamentary Candidates who are also Regional Ministers and M/M/DCE’s be made to recuse themselves from the REGSEC and M/M/DISEC respectively since there is a clear case of conflict of interest and also against the principle of natural justice.

download-1 We wish to send a strong signal to the NDC that Ghanaians shall not be cowed by the blatant abuse of incumbency and use of state actors to fight their proxy war. They should stop hiding behind state forces and face us head on with their plagiarized messages. We are prepared to debate them on any platform any day so they can offer a justification on how they have incompetently steered the affairs of the state in the last eight (8) years. If they claim they have brought development to the people; why then do they “hire lawyers” to do their biding. They should let their works – good or bad – speak for them, not a campaign of intimidation.

We the members of the New Patriotic Party are law abiding citizens, with superior arguments and superior alternatives for the good people of Ghana. We want the public to note that as a party, we will continue to use every legitimate means possible to defend ourselves without any fear of intimidation. We shall also protect our interest and our votes to ensure a resounding victory for Nana Akufo-Addo to implement policies that will propel our country into prosperity.
We will not relent until we deliver CHANGE!

#Change Is Coming


Jerry Osei-Poku,
NPP Eastern Regional Youth Organizer



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