…As Party members petition outfit to Address Flag bearer on making Startling Remarks

                      Mr. Ivor Greenstreet

 A concerned member of the Convention People’s Party, Mr. Zir Zirmio Dy-Adaba, has petition party’s Central Committee to sanction Mr. Ivor Greetstreet, Flag bearer of the Convention People’s Party, for his many unforeseen utterances that tend to disrepute the name of the CPP

Quoting from article 111(b) of the party’s constitution which states that any member who brings the name of the party into disrepute should be sanctioned; he said is the main motive for his action to demand sanction of the   flag bearer

According to Mr. Dy-Adaba, representing a political party as flag bearer and bearing the party’s name is not enough, but involves obeying party rules and following structures and laid down procedures, which obviously has been disrespected by Mr. Ivor Greenstreet and warrants sanction in accordance with articles 111(b) and 114 of the party’s constitution.

References to his Claims:

Few months ago somewhere in June, I recall a story emerged about the Ford Expedition Vehicle gift to the President of the republic of Ghana and his acceptance , where many Ghanaians condemned the act as conflict of interest.

In his comments on the issue, Mr. Greenstreet who is the elected flag bearer of my party (CPP) vehemently supported the president’s acceptance of the gift. He lamented.

cpp_%e2%80%92_convention_peoples_party_logoEvidence of my claim of Mr. Greenstreet support for President Mahama ford gift acceptance can be found on Myjoyonline.com, in relation to a publication made on the 16th June 2016, with a caption “Ford expedition gift doesn’t feel Wrong-Greenstreet defends Mahama”

According to him, this act of the CPP flag bearer declaring support for the president on that ford saga clearly convince many Ghanaians that the CPP is not ready to fight corruption, since its flag bearer sees nothing wrong with public  officials accepting gifts from commercial people and organizations which amounts to bringing the name of the party into disgrace.

“I note as a matter of fact, that the central committee of the party had not discussed this issue let alone taken a decision on it when Mr. Greenstreet spoke on it and that is a clear breach of party procedure and to the extent that his view became a yardstick for judging the party by the court of public opinion by virtue of his position as flag bearer, this is so grievous that the party cannot allow it to pass without notice”. He emphasized.

Following the announcement by the Electoral commission that flag bearers of the various political parties will pay GHS 50,000 as filing fees, Mr. Greenstreet was reported to have said that the CPP will not contest the election if the fees were not reduced.

images-8And for a fact that decisions to back out of an election is not the sole decision of the flag bearer, but the central committee who have the mandate to do so, He said even the central committee who has the right to decide on the back out has not discussed it, to even settle on a back out of the 2016 general election should the fees not reduced.

This behavior clearly points out that Mr. Greenstreet also takes decision without consulting the party structures and that is a total breach of procedure which has as well brought the name of  the party into disrepute, since many Ghanaians now see the party as a big joke and unserious as much as election 2016 is concerned


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