Kofi Arko Nokoe-An Inspiration to the youth of Axim

Abraham Lincoln, the great American leader once said, “do not ask for what your country has given you, but rather what you have given your country”. It is seldom to find true patriotism and selflessness in recent times, especially when greed, selfishness and corruption has characterized the entire social and economic fiber of the country Ghana.

Axim is a fishing community with lots of historic relevance. However the community is lacking behind developmentally, despite the numerous great personalities produced by the community.

The Axim Youth Allaiance is a community self-help youth group formed by the phenomenon Kofi Arko Nokoe, a full blooded youth of Axim.

The inspirational intellect has been able to organize the youth of the town through inspiration and great leadership skills to the benefit of the community despite alleged victimization and intimidation from a section of the community leaders and authorities, who see the move as exposing their inefficiencies and inactivity.

The Youth president has been able to inspire the youth to make meaning out of their lives. Pivot to this is the value of patriotism and selflessness with which he has influenced the youth in that area.

It would be recalled that the first President of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, also a charismatic leader from his youthful days hails from that area (Nkruful, a nearby community).

People from all walks of life around the globe are therefore touting him as the second Kwame Nkrumah, as he is clearly exhibiting his qualities and traits.

Formed in the year 2014, the Axim Youth Alliance under the leadership of Kofi Arko has undertaken fifteen (15) development projects in the community over the two years of its existence.

Among the projects undertaken by the association include a toilet project for the community, toilet project for the Police cells of the community, making it the only Police cells among the few to have a state of the art toilet facility.

Other projects include books and pens for the final year students of the Senior High School (SHS) of the community, educational pep talks, ten thousand (10,000) shoes for schools, books for the Axim Library Board and Foot Bridge for the Bolazo community.

A display of astonishing patriotism, Axim Youth Alliance on one of the numerous Projects

Activities such as clean up exercises, reconditioning and donation to the Axim Government Hospital, renovation, walling and re-facing of the Axim Cemetery and the construction of a Urinal for the Axim Community Center, cannot be left out of the developmental projects by this selfless young man

Kofi Arko has also constructed a Mortuary ward for the Ewoku community, additional books distributed to adjoining communities in the vicinity and a major Anto Radio project.

The Youth Alliance has also liaised with Water Health, a Non-governmental Organization of great repute to construct a modern water project for the Axim community.

The community however is infuriated at their Municipal Assembly for doing nothing at all for the community. Instead, they see the Assembly as having liaised with the Ghana Water Company to prevent the construction of an ultra-modern toilet facility for the community market.

The tale of the Axim Youth Alliance (popularly called AYA) is an excellent of patriotism and selflessness, worthy of emulation and inspiration to anyone.

Members of the association decried the attempt by certain powers that be to put stumbling blocks in the way of the alliance, aimed at stopping them from further developing the community, a move they see as a question on their integrity.

Appealing to the President and people in authority, Kofi Arko Nokoe pleaded for their intervention to help them get the go ahead to complete the toilet project which is fully self-help and fully funded by the Youth Alliance.

On the upcoming election, the Youth president advised Ghanaians especially the youth to desist from acts that would antagonize their opponents and rather uphold peace, respect, responsibility and patriotism.


Story by Frederick E. Aggrey



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