images-35images-37President of the Ashanti Regional Vegetable Growers Association who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Peace and Love Vegetable Farm, Mr. John Yeboah has finally break silence of their grievances to the public, indicating the governments’ neglection toward their Union

In an interview with newslinegh, Mr. Yeboah lamented that because vegetables growers in Ghana are not cocoa farmers, the government have totally forgotten them and this is causing more harm to the vegetable farmers, but cocoa takes more than four years before harvesting meanwhile vegetables takes just three months for harvest.

images-33 According to Mr. Yeboah, only 30% of the total vegetables grows in Ghana are consumed by Ghanaians and 70% just go waste.

Meanwhile with government intervention the 70% of vegetables that go waste can be Stored, Process and Export for foreign income, because that is what countries like Asia and other developing countries do to sustain their livelihood and economic dispensation.

We have one of the finest agriculture land in the world but we can not even export vegetables to other countries, our leaders have been selfish for long and are to be blame for the high unemployment rate and this negligence of the government is making farming unattractive to youth of today. He emphasized.

images-34 He is therefore pleading to government, leaders and  stakeholders to help, at least build one storage and processing center in every Region to help create jobs and also motivate youth to enter into agriculture especially vegetables.

By Odehyeaba Kwame Asare


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