Dynamic Industrial Revolution: The Answer to Ghana’s Dev’t– OPANYIN KWAKYE



Ghana has struggled to achieve economic independence since the attainment of political independence several years ago. Other nations which are of the same ‘age’ as Ghana, or which Ghana should have been in the same category with are far advanced in development and economic stability.

Countries such as Korea, Dubai, Indonesia, to mention a few, are emerging economies which have made tremendous strides towards development, and are now regarded as economic stalwarts.

The Fourth Republican Dispensation has seen governments come and go; with all of them making peace meal attempts at propelling Ghana to economic boom and better standard of living.

It has become a common practice for governments, especially in the Fourth Republican Era to turn to the West and the Breton Woods Institutions for economic guidance and policies aimed at spearheading the country to economic independence and better standard of living, contrary to the assertion by Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the ‘Father’ of the nation that “the Black Man is capable of handling his own affairs”.

It is in line with this that a renowned Philanthropist and an Engineer of international repute, Opanyin Kwakye has indicated that the answer to Ghana’s economic development is a dynamic result driven Industrial Revolution, tailored at the specific needs of the country.

Speaking exclusively to Newslinegh team at his residence in Ayigbe Town near Kasoa in the Greater Accra Region, the renowned Philanthropist said, most of the emerging and advanced economies pursued vigorous industrialization tailor-made to suit their specific needs.

Countries like Korea he said, identified that they were naturally endowed in metal deposits, “so they pursued industrialization along the automobile sector”, in order to make efficient utilization of the natural endowment of the country.

Most countries have embarked on vigorous industrialization along areas of their natural endowments. This he said has helped them efficiently utilize their natural potentials and endowments.

Ghana is naturally endowed with close to all the natural resources available to any nation, in addition to great intellectual potentials which if we efficiently utilized would propel this country to great developmental strides and position Ghana as a world economic power. He emphasized.

According to Opanyin Kwakye, Ghana needs to identify our specific needs and train our people to address them through industrialization. He added that the curricula of our educational system should be reviewed to allow students train on practical things needed by industry.

Reiterating that it is through vigorous result oriented Industrial Revolution that Ghana can develop. He therefore advocated for the political will to tackle this, and instead move away from over depending on the West and the Breton Woods institutions.

In a related development, Love Kids Educational Foundation, which belongs to the renowned Philanthropist, has supported more than twenty (20) individuals through scholarships at various stages of education; basic, secondary and tertiary.

He has in addition constructed a feeder road at a cost of GhC3.6 billion for the Ayigbe Town community, erected street lights, recreational and other amenities for the community.

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