We are very disappointed in the NDC government under the leadership of John Dramani Mahama.

Since 1992, Wekpeti though in the Atiwa West Constituency, we have been voting for NDC. NDC wins majority of the votes from Wekpeti community but there is absolutely nothing in the community which can be pointed to the general public as a memento left by NDC government.

Wekpeti is a community dominated by settlers particularly Krobos.
We are stating categorically that the most prioritized need of the community is light. We have been demanding for light since NDC took over in 2009 and to date, not even a pole can be found here.

We are echoing into the ears of the leaders of NDC in the Atiwa West constituency and President Mahama that if we don’t see light in Wekpeti before December 7, then their stronghold in Atiwa West constituency will vote massively against NDC and Mahama.

Our interest is not just about joining queues and voting for NDC. We join queues to vote for development.

Since 1992, NDC has been preaching tribal politics to us that the “NPP hates Krobos and for that matter, if we vote for them, they will drive us away from the Akyem and Asante Land.
We have come to realize that that message is nothing but propaganda.
Nana Akufo-Addo – the flagbearer of NPP is married to Mrs. Rebecca who hails from Ada.
There is no difference between Gas, Krobos and the people of Ada. If Akans hates Krobos, they wouldn’t have married in our tribe.

Even though, we have been voting for NDC since 1992, the MPs who are always from the NPP have never turned their back to us.
The MP, Hon. Amoako-Atta has been so good to us. With his benevolence, Wekpeti can boast of a well furnished Chip Compound. He is not a Krobo but he thinks about Krobos.

We are entreating all settlers that we shouldn’t give ears to the divisive message from the NDC.
The NPP is a party for Ghanaians.
We have people from all tribes playing influential roles in NPP.

NPP thinks about Ghanaians. Most of the policies they implemented favoured us (settlers) the most.

We are stating again that if President Mahama and his NDC fail to give us light before December 7, then they should forget our votes.
Wekpeti won’t vote for NDC if we don’t see light before December 7.

Paul Tsutsu

Kwame Noah

Kpogo Clement

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