PPP Unveils a Presidential Policy Team

progressive-people’s-party-logo The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has finally  unveiled a team of Presidential Policy advisers to engage in research, analysis and detailed policy preparation for the consideration of the National Committee of the party.

The main purpose of the Team would be to recommend how the PPP Administration should implement its priority policies including funding and human resource considerations, and members would speak for the Presidential Candidate and the party in their areas of expertise.

According to Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, the Flag bearer of PPP, who introduced the Presidential Policy Team (PPT) at a news conference in Accra, this move is to prove to Ghanaians what the party is capable of doing when given the nod.

“Our inclusive approach will ensure that we select the best men and women to find and implement the solutions needed”, and promised that the PPP would not give empty promises to win power but would deliver on its word. He noted.

He mentioned the key areas for the Team’s deliberations as constitutional reforms and good governance, public sector reforms, preventable diseases, as well as compulsory and universal education.

The rest were agriculture and food security, financing energy, economic infrastructure, sports, technology, domestic enterprise development, and women’s enterprise development.

Dr Nduom said their choice of policy areas mirrors the challenges the country is facing, and working through the PPT is another way of showcasing to Ghanaians the PPP’s unique brand of politics which focuses on what the party could do bring about the needed change.

“We believe in Ghanaian excellence. We believe in Ghanaian prosperity. We believe in all of the Ghanaian people. Our pact with you is that, once elected, we will fight for dramatically accelerated developmental progress,” he said.

He said the PPP-led administration would also fight for to move Ghana away from the maintenance of mediocrity, the culture of indiscipline, the constant failure of leadership, the cruelty of resource mismanagement and the tragedy of low expectations for developing African nations.

He however said true progress cannot be obtained without a unified Ghana, and the “PPP is asking for your vote so that we can create an inclusive, united Ghanaian society”.

Mr Kofi Asamoah Siaw, the National Policy Advisor for the PPP, would serve as the Convener for the PPT while Mr Ladi Nylander would be the lead person in the key policy area of job creation and domestic enterprise development, while Dr Bawa Mahama would look at Economic Infrastructure and Ms Hilda Nkansah, Technology.

The other members and their areas of expertise were Mr Dennis Ofosuappea, for Constitutional reforms and good governance, Mr William Dowokpor, Public Sector Reforms, Mr Felix William Ograh, Preventable Diseases and Mr Andrew Deroy, Compulsory and Universal Education.

The rest are Nana Ofori Owusu, Agriculture and Food Security, Mr Paul Bio, Financing Energy for Industrialisation, Ms Belinda Bulley, Women Enterprise Development, and Mr Kwabena Okyere, Sports.

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