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The Coalition for youth Development, Ghana wishes to inform well meaning Ghanaians that it has sent a petition to the *Bureau of National Investiation* to investigate the alleged involvement of Dr.Bawumaih in transporting verification materials to his home by an EC official.
It was reported that some two EC officials took some verification materials to Dr.Bawumiah’s family home in kperiga to what we are still not clear about yet and so far the explanations given to us by communication members of the biggest opposition party in the country has not been satisfactory.

We therefore call on the BNI to assist in investigating the circumstances behind the incident.

In the 2013 election petition Dr.Bawumiah had told Ghanaians in open court that was broadcasted live on television how some people were verified and voted outside regular voting hours and as such those votes should be annulled.

The neutrality of the EC has come under serious criticism especially from opposition parties who seem to see everything wrong with the actions of the EC until some EC officials took BVDs to the house of the running mate of the NPP and they all went mute.

We all have a responsibility to ensure that the EC plays it’s important role as a referee and Dr.Bawumiah and the NPP who in the past has continuously questioned the fairness of the EC should know better.

We will continue to press until the BNI comes out with a comprehensive report on events as they happened that day and a clear assurance that nothing has been altered so far to the disadvantage/advantage of any of the competing parties in this years elections.

Mensah Thompson
Executive Cordinator

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